• Salmon-Safe

    The mission of the Salmon-Safe certification is to transform land management practices so Pacific salmon can thrive in West Coast watersheds.

    More than a decade after first certifying farms, Salmon-Safe has become one of the nation’s leading regional eco labels with more than 60,000 acres of farm and urban lands certified throughout Oregon, Washington, California and British Columbia.

    You can find out more here: SalmonSafe


  • BC Agritourism Association

    We are audited and certified by the BC Agritourism Alliance as meeting or exceeding their quality standards for a farm-based tourism operation.

    We not only welcome you to visit our farm, but we make every effort to do so with professionalism and fun!

  • Environmental Partner Certification

    The Land Conservancy certifies that we are actively improving our 68 acre piece of paradise. Our farm includes forests, riparian areas along Morningstar Creek, fields, a house and a working environment. It is habitat for dozens of different species of birds and ducks as well as fish (and water animals), deer, elk, cows, bears, a farm family and a great bunch of employees.

    Caring for our land involved establishing balance so that we can all co-exist in a healthy way. Did you know that permanent pasture is a better carbon sink than the Amazon jungle? And we have over 80 acres of it!

    Check it out at: The Land Conservancy

  • Canadian Quality Milk

    CQM is a HACCP based milk quality program, and is designed to ensure that all of the milk produced on our farm is of the highest quality. HACCP plans identify possible risk points in any production process, (in our case milking cows) and establishes protocols for minimizing those possible risks.

    We’re pleased to add yet another level of protection that assures that only the best milk is used to make our cheeses.

    You can learn more here: Dairy Farmers Of Canada 


    Welcome to Morningstar Farm, home to Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and Mooberry Winery. Morningstar Farm serves as a local-food hub and premier agri-food destination for Oceanside and beyond.

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    Nothing pairs better with cheese than wine! Mooberry winery, located right on Morningstar Farm, produces a wide range of delicious fruit wines using the freshest, finest fruits that British Columbia is famous for. Tastings are available daily in our farmgate store, open 10-5.

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